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Vigini Combo V-Tightening & Whitening Gel + Lubricating Cum Stimulating Gel 100gm


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Vigini Combo V-Tightening & Whitening Gel + Lubricating Cum Stimulating Gel 100gm
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Vigini Combo Pack of V-Tightening & Whitening Gel 100gm and Lubricating Cum Stimulating Gel 100gm
Vigini V-Tightening & Whitening Gel is an anti-ageing formula that helps the intimate area regain its natural tone and elasticity. It helps to reduce the vaginal itching and dryness and foul smell.
Vigini Lubricating Cum Stimulating Gel is a water based moisturizing gel for men and women. It helps in reducing the vaginal itching and dryness.

Product Highlights
Vigini V-Tightening & Whitening Gel

Help to form new tissues and increase estrogen levels
Prevents vaginal discomfort and itching
Removes foul smell and maintains pH 4.5

Vigini Lubricating Cum Stimulating Gel

Mositurizes and reduces friction and helps in mood arousal
It is a water based gel which is non-staining and skin friendly
It is suitable and friendly for using with toys and condoms

Natural Actives Witch Hazel
Curcuma Comosa
Oak Gall extract
Amla Extract
Catechu Extract
Aloe Vera Extract
V-tightening Actives

Vigini Lubricating Cum Stimulating Gel

Oak gall
Aloe Vera extract
Vitamin E

Vigini V-Tightening & Whitening Gel

The natural active ingredients helps to lighten the skin of private part by reducing hyper pigmentation
It helps to restore the natural color of the skin
Vigini cleanses vagina, prevents itching and discomfort
Decrease intimacy inhibition and boosts self confidence
There are no added color, no sulphates, no bleaching agent, no paraben, no mineral oil, hypoallergenic and non carcinogenic

Vigini Lubricating Cum Stimulating Gel

Smooth texture ensures pleasure without pain or bleeding
Vaginal moisturizer for women suffering from dryness and itchiness
Helps arousal and reduces friction during intercourse
No added color, non staining, washable and hypoallergenic
It has no paraben, no Sulphate, non carcinogenic and no mineral oil

Directions For Use:
Vigini V-Tightening & Whitening Gel

Apply the gel around the vaginal area
It can be used twice a day or as directed

Vigini Lubricating Cum Stimulating Gel
Take a size-able portion in your hand or finger and rub around your genital area.

Safety Information:

Read the label carefully before use
Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight
Keep out of reach of the children

Use under medical supervision.
*The information on this page is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Do not use this information to diagnose or treat your problem without consulting your doctor.

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