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Tupperware Spillproof Tropical Bowls 200ml 6pc

Tupperware Spillproof Tropical Bowls 200ml 6pc

Brand Tupperware
Colour Blue, Green
Material Plastic
Capacity 200 Milliliters
Special Feature Airtight
About this item
? Spill Proof: Round, airtight, liquid-proof lids that fit perfectly over the bowls to prevent leakage and thus is ideal to carry and store liquid food items
? Easy Opening: Tab on the lid makes it easy to peel and open the lid
? Easy to Clean: Smooth Interior of the containers makes it easy to clean and maintain
? Prominent Rim on the Lid: The base of the container can be fit on top of the lid making it stack easily and will not slip easily while carrying
? Material and Capacity: The containers are made of plastic and have a capacity of 200ml

Product description
Isnt it annoying when you pull out a container from your bag to find it smeared with the gravy or curry that has leaked through the lid? Tupperware Spill-proof round tropical bowls are designed to help you carry liquids and food wherever you go. The round airtight lids, seal the liquid in and prevent leakages. The airtight lid also helps keep the food fresh for longer. It comes with a large tab on the lid that makes it easy to open and close the bowls. These multipurpose bowls can be used to store dry food as well. Their ergonomic design makes it easy to stack them on top of each other, making them occupy less space on your shelf, in your bag or in the refrigerator. Use these bowls every time you want to keep food fresh and spill free!


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Good quality.Good service.The product is firmly packed.Very fast delivery.Very well worth the money.

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