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Tupperware ISO Duo Steel Casserole (White, 1.3L)


Tupperware ISO Duo Steel Casserole (White, 1.3L)


Brand Tupperware
Colour White

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Tupperware ISO Duo Steel Casserole (White, 1.3L)
Brand Tupperware
Colour White
About this item
? Insulated: The casserole is made up of two containers. The smaller steel container fits into the larger plastic container. The air gap between the two containers provides insulation and keeps food warm.
? Easy Open: The outer lid has a wide rim which fits smartly and is easy to open and close.
? Easy Clean: The inner container can be removed for cleaning. Both containers have smooth inner walls which can be easily cleaned.
? Two Separate Containers: Both containers come with lids and can be used individually to store or serve food.
? Material and Capacity: The inner container is made of steel while the outer container is made of plastic. The casserole has a capacity of 1.3L.
Product description
Free up your time and resources by making food ahead of time and keeping it warm in Tupperwares Casserole Iso Duo Steel. The casserole consists of two containers and one of them fits neatly into the other, leaving a small air gap which insulates food kept in the inner container and keeps it warm. The attractive casserole can be used to serve directly at the dining table. The two containers, each with their own covers, can be used to store and serve food separately too! Now, how useful is that!

What is in the box?
? Inner Container, Outer Container, Seal


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Good quality.Good service.The product is firmly packed.Very fast delivery.Very well worth the money.

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