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Plastic Feng Shui/Vastu Lucky Cat Sitting On Money Ingot Waving Calling Hand

Plastic Feng Shui/Vastu Lucky Cat Sitting On Money Ingot Waving Calling Hand Figurine for Wealth Prosperity Good Fortune Luck (Big , Golden)
Colour Gold, Gold
Material Plastic
Weight 118 Grams
Net Quantity 1.0 Unit2.0
About this item
? Feng Shui /Vastu Lucky welcoming cat brings good luck , abundance , good fortune , wealth & prosperity and also a protection.
? The moving of hand invites good fortune and money and is believed to help in showering positive vibes and energy and brings happiness , wealth & prosperity
? For those using Maneki Neka (lucky cat ) in their homes , the fortune cat must be placed in the South Eastern Corner of the house which is tarditinally associated with the wealth area .
? Feng Shui /Vastu lucky Cat must be placed as close to the offices as possible in South Eastern corner.
Product description
* Soul Karma ‘s lucky Cat brings wealth ,prosperity & good fortrune to your home or offices . The Golden cat, which is mostly seen, attract wealth and commerce. It should be kept in places where you wish to increase income. * According to Feng Shui the goal of lucky cat is to welcome & maintain a good flow of energy through your home or workspce to influence positivity in life . * It is believed that placing lucky Cat at the entrance in shops , restaurants & other businesses , offices often attracts more & more clients / customers will incraese growth & brings good luck & fortune .For people using Maneki Neko in their homes, the fortune cat must be placed in the south eastern corner of the house which is traditionally associated with the wealth area. For people having a home office, Maneki Neko must be placed as close to the office as possible preferably in a southeast corner. * Pets are known in fengshui to symbolizes not only good energy but cats are considered good for financial luck . * Lucky Cat /Money Cat / fortune Cat & signifies abundance & good luck .


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Good quality.Good service.The product is firmly packed.Very fast delivery.Very well worth the money.


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