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Pet Slicker Brush, Extra Large Best Pet Hair Removal Brush.

Pet Slicker Brush, Extra Large

Product description:

  • Faster Grooming
    Groom your pet in an easy, fast and hassle-free way. Wahl Slicker Brush gently removes loose hair, and eliminates tangles, knots, dander and trapped dirt. Works great on dogs and cats with all sizes and hair types!


  • Stainless-steel Pins
    The fine-toothed stainless-steel pins reach deep into your pet’s fur in order to break up tangles, remove knots, de-mattify & eliminate debris. The result is a gorgeous coat full of healthy shine.


  • Soft Grip Handle
    Wahl Slicker Brush comes with a soft grip for a comfortable hold. Ergonomic handle is made in the shape of your hand for an easier grip. So, it is easy to grab & hold on to, thus preventing accidents when grooming your pet.

About this item

A slickers brush is designed to remove loose hair and debris and untangle mats.

Soft touch grip.

Recommended for medium and long coats.

Safe for general everyday use.

Whether it’s a big grooming job or a small one, wahl has the right tool for you.


Additional information

Weight 98 g
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 6 cm


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Good quality.Good service.The product is firmly packed.Very fast delivery.Very well worth the money.

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