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Omron CS24 Small Cuff Blood Pressure Monitor Hem (Grey)

Omron CS24 Small Cuff Blood Pressure Monitor Hem (Grey)

Optional accessory for Omron Blood Pressure Monitors:
Detachable air tube included
Small cuff for arm circumference 17-22 cm
For use with most BP units except M7 and MIT Elite range. Cuff compatibility :With all BP monitors of Omron Healthcare and Only Digital BP.
To claim warranty only INVOICE is mandatory, no seller stamp required. |If there is any extended warranty, it is applicable as per brand terms.
Product description
Omron Upper Arm Cuff Is A Standard Medical Accessory Used To Calibrate The Blood Pressure With Digital Monitor At Home. With Rising Popularity Of Medical Devices To Be Used At Home With Same Accuracy As That Of The Health Centres, Omron Blood Pressure Monitors Can Be Trusted With Experience. Medical Backing With Years Of Expertise Behind The Product, Omron Upper Arm Cuff Is Made Of A Comfortable Fabric. It Is Comfortable To Wrap Around And Comes With Soft Cushioning Material Which Is Water Proof And Does Not Gets Affected With Excessive Heat Exposure. It Is Fire Resistant As Well.


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Good quality.Good service.The product is firmly packed.Very fast delivery.Very well worth the money.

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