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Knee Genu Valgum Genu Varum Knock Knee & Bow Leg Brace (Pair of 15 inches)

Knee Genu Valgum Genu Varum Knock Knee & Bow Leg Brace (Pair of 17 inches)

? Shared pressure on knee muscles and ligaments and give a relaxing feeling.
? May allow avoiding knee joint replacement.
? May reduce the risk of further damage of knee ligament structure.
? The brace used leverage to decrease stress to medial, or inside aspects of the knee.
? Allows an early improvement in alignment which helps eliminates an abnormal gait or limp. This corrector brace relieves compartmental stress.
Genu Varum (Bowlegs) and Genu Valgum (Knock-Knees)
Genu Varum is common among toddlers and usually resolves spontaneously by age 18 months. If it persists or becomes more severe, Blount disease (tibia vara) should be suspected, and rickets and other metabolic bone diseases should also be ruled out.
Genu Valgum is less common than genu varum and, even if severe, usually resolves spontaneously by age 9 years. Skeletal dysplasia or hypophosphatasia should be excluded. If marked deformity persists after age 10 years, surgical stapling of the medial distal femoral epiphysis is indicated.
Equally useful for Child & Adult
? It can be worn by anybody who needs support for their knees in Knock Knee and Bow leg condition.
? It can be worn in a single leg to treat a single knee issue or in both legs as per the deformity. Size chart to choose correct size of brace
? Measure from Mid thigh to Mid calf for Right Braces.
? Size can be adjusted with the help of thigh band and calf band.
? Available Sizes : 8″, 10″, 13″, 15″, 17″ & 19″ Wearing effects before and after
? Designed with 3 point pressure system without knee joints.
? Kindly wear braces from outside in Knock knee deformity.
? Kindly wear braces from inside in Bow Leg deformity.
? Used to manage Knee Valgum & Knee Varum deformity.
? Used for controlling a ?knock-kneed? deformity.
? Used to control ?bow-legged? deformity such as Blount?s Disease or Tibial Vara in pediatrics.
? Used in rheumatoid deformities.
? Recommended as a conservative treatment option by AAOS.
Difference between bow legs and knock knees
Mostly it was found in children or females. A child or female with knock-knees may also have feet and hips that roll inwards, whereas a child or female with bow-legs is more likely to have feet and hips that roll outwards. In such situations, this knock knee corrector support child?s or female’s feet in good alignment and to be in neutral position.


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Good quality.Good service.The product is firmly packed.Very fast delivery.Very well worth the money.

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