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Dog Collar Set Adjustable Pet Neck Dog Collar & Leash Set

Dog Collar Set Adjustable Pet Neck Dog Collar & Leash Set Heavy Duty Metal Buckle Dog Collar Neck Accessories Solid Steel Chain Lining Reflective Stitching Dog Collar

Product description
A Dog Collar Is A Piece Of Material Put Around The Neck Of A Dog. A Collar May Be Used For Restraint, Identification, Fashion, Or Protection. Identification Tags And Medical Information Are Often Placed On Dog Collars. Collars Are Often Used In Conjunction With A Leash For Restraining A Dog. When It Comes To New Born Puppies, Adopted Or Purchased Pets Many Animals Require Acclimation To Their New Environment For Several Months To A Year And Its Suggested To Take Them On Walks In And Around Your Neighbourhood, As They’re Smart Animals And Many Over Time Have The Ability To Retrace Their Whereabouts Back Home As They Familiarize Themselves Within Your Routine Walking Routes. This Training Period Is Essential And Therefore It’s Important To Make Sure Your Pet Is Wearing A Collar And Leash While Exploring Their neighbourhoods. This Doesn’t Imply That It’s Safe To Eventually Walk With Your Dog Without Wearing One Rather If Your Pet Is Lost Or Goes Off Wandering Around Without A Collar That They’ll Know How To Retrace Their Steps.
About this item
? DETAILS :- Material :- Steel Chain
? SOFT AND COMFORTABLE :- Adjustable Dog Collar With Quick Release Is Designed With Soft & Breathable Padded Lining, Humanization Design For Collar.1.5″ Width Rounded Corner It?S Comfortable For Wearing, It Won’t Hurt Dog’s Fur And It Can Protect Dog’s Neck Well
? HEAVY DUTY & LIGHTWEIGHT: – Constructed For All Breeds The Comfort Collar Intentionally Maintains A Lightweight Design But Is Built Specifically With Heavy Duty Hardware That Is Tough Enough To Resist Forces From The Most Energetic Dogs.
? REFLECTIVE STITCHING: – Stay Safe And Be Seen On Your Early Morning And Evening Walks. Runs, Jogs, Or Hikes With Your Dog. Collars Have Reflective Stitching That Reflects Light And Allows Your Pup To Be Seen More Easily.
? GOOD PRODUCTS: – The Comfort Collar Is Made From Material That Was Specifically Chosen For Its Toughness And Durability. The Outdoor Elements And Will Resist The Forces Of The Most Energetic, Powerful, And Playful Dogs.

Additional information

Weight 410 g
Dimensions 17 × 13.5 × 4.2 cm


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Good quality.Good service.The product is firmly packed.Very fast delivery.Very well worth the money.

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