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DABUR Pudin Hara Herbal 200 Capsules For Gas Stomach Ache Indigestion Acidity


DABUR Pudin Hara Herbal 200 Capsules For Gas Stomach Ache Indigestion Acidity


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DABUR Pudin Hara Herbal 200 Capsules For Gas Stomach Ache Indigestion Acidity
Dabur Pudin Hara 200 Capsules
Pudin Hara is an Ayurvedic medication consisting of naturally occurring herbs with carminative properties. Pudin Hara is an amalgamation of two naturally occurring herbs that is used to treat various stomach ailments, especially indigestion. These capsules are manufactured by Dabur India. They are natural and safe as any other herbal product. They are available as over the counter product.
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Key Features:
Brand: Dabur
Type: Pudin Hara
Net Content: 10 Capsules (per Strip)

Uses & Benefits of Pudin Hara:
Pudin Hara is commonly used to treat stomach ailments. The most common ailments that Pudin Hara can treat are:
? Mild gastrointestinal diseases
? Indigestion
? Stomach pain
? Oxidative stress
? Food-induced stomach upsets
? Frequent burping
? Flatulence
? To provide short-term relief for Certain microbial infections in the stomach (not as an antibiotic)
? To treat against certain viral infections in the stomach
? Stomach inflammation
? Acidity and heartburn
? Nauseous sensation
Side effects of Pudin Hara:
Pudin Hara being a natural product is 100% safe. There are no major side-effects seen even with long-term consumption of the product. However, a few active users have reported the occurrence of frequent burps post-consumption. This effect was not reported to linger for long.
Also, a few users have reported about the lingering mint smell in the mouth that is more prominent with burps. While a few may take a liking to the fresh smell of the mint, a few may not. Users have also reported that burping caused inconvenience, especially in public spaces.
Common Dosage of Pudin Hara:
In case of nausea or bloating in the stomach or flatulence, most users pop a capsule immediately. It is repeated until the feeling subsides or until the user feels better. For indigestion or other mild gastrointestinal disorders, the following dosage is recommended.
For Pudin Hara Active Syrup:
? For Adults: 15 to 20 drops of the liquid syrup diluted in a glass of water (approximately 225ml to 250ml of water)
? For Children: 5 to 10 drops of the liquid syrup diluted in a glass of water (approximately 225ml to 250ml of water)
For Pudin Hara pearls or gelatin capsules:
? For Adults: One pearl tablet two to three times a day
? For Children (above 12 years): One pearl tablet once a day
? Pudin Hara pearls are not recommended for children below 12 years of age.
Pudin Hara can be taken before food or after food. Most users prefer to consume after food. If you miss a dose of Pudin Hara, make sure you consume it as soon as you remember. However, if the timing is close to your next dosage avoid it.
Do not overdose on the tablet. Mild overdose is not known to cause any kind of drastic reactions in the body, but it is safe not to overdose on the tablet. In some cases, overdose is known to cause inflammation in the alimentary tract.
Composition and Nature of Pudin Hara:
Pudin Hara is available in two forms. Dabur Pudin Hara Active is a concentrated concoction sold in syrupy form and packed in bottles. Dabur Pudin Hara pearls are tiny capsules that contain gelatin and are soft in nature. They appear as small transparent balls, green in color.
The main active ingredients in Pudin Hara are:
? Mentha Piperita ? Commonly known as Peppermint (that is a cross between watermint and spearmint)
? Mentha Spicata- Commonly known as spearmint (also known as garden mint or common mint or lamb mint)
How does Pudin Hara work?
Menthol the compound present in Mentha Piperita and Mentha Spicata activates a specific ion channel of a protein in the nerves. This is the same ion channel that is activated when there is a drop in the temperature in the surroundings. A feeling of coolness is instantly established internally, cooling down the inflammation, quenching the effect of acid, and dispelling gas.
Menthol does not reduce the acid content in the stomach nor does it work on the acid reflux in the GE tract. It only establishes a cool environment in the stomach which indirectly acts against the common complaints.


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