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Combo Adults 2 Bamboo Toothbrush and 2 Tongue Cleaner Activated Charcoal


Combo Adults 2 Bamboo Toothbrush and 2 Tongue Cleaner Activated Charcoal


Model: Toothbrush
Department: Unisex Adults
Type: ToothBrush
Features: Charcoal-infused Bristles
Color: Gray
Handle Material: Bamboo
Brand: Unbranded

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Combo Adults 2 Bamboo Toothbrush and 2 Tongue Cleaner Activated Charcoal

? MATERIAL: wooden bamboo toothbrush is made of natural, sustainable Bamboo farms. Our product is pure natural. Perfect add on to your eco-friendly kit. Allowing you to clean your teeth with a clear conscience every day. tongue cleaner is made of wooden bamboo material. It is a natural and eco-friendly healthy product. The colour of this product is brown

? FEATURES: This product is natural and eco friendly and it covers a maximum area at the back of the tongue, mildly removes white coat and dead cells, no sharp edges completely safe. This is a waterproof smooth surface – durable and enduring product. It gives you a blissful experience whenever you hold it and use it to rejoice in your mouth. It is durable, splinter-free, vegan, cruelty-free

? ORAL CLEAN: Whether you are trying to clear out the white, coated layer on your tongue or maintain better oral hygiene, this effective tongue scraper has got you covered. This product is rewarding solutions for optimal oral health. Our wooden toothbrushes aren’t just soft on your teeth but also in your hands. The comfortable handle fits perfectly in the palm of your hand for an added level of convenience

? ERGONOMIC DESIGN & DURABLE TOOTHBRUSH: The ‘U’ shaped curve is flexible enough to twist and turn, scraping all the corners of your tongue. Comes in an environmentally friendly, bio-degradable. The design is robust and durable, with each toothbrush lasting of use. This product is making this a cost-effective way to keep the family brushing. NOTE for tongue cleaner -. Before use, this product sterilizes in warm water and clean every time

? SOFT BPA FREE BRISTLES: The bristles are made from high-quality nylon, which is soft, perfect for getting all the plaque off your teeth. Our bamboo charcoal blended bristles feel soft on teeth and gums. We only use quality materials that are sustainably sourced, which makes all products natural

Product description
Color:Adults | Size:2 Tooth Brush + 2 Tongue Cleaner
Mini Storify bamboo toothbrushes and bamboo tongue cleaner combo pack are made from sustainable bamboo(ECO-FRIENDLY). Charcoal infused bristles help in better whitening and prevent foul breath and bacteria for better oral health. Why to use Bamboo Toothbrush? Every plastic toothbrush ever made still exists today, eventually polluting our oceans, marine life and the planet. With the added benefit of being better for the environment, Bamboo Toothbrush cleans well and lasts as long as your normal plastic toothbrush.
This Tongue Cleaner is made of bio-degradable & bio-compostable natural Bamboo Wood. This is a washable and reusable product. The eco-friendly tongue cleaner is made from perennial sour bamboo wood. You can now opt-out of using a plastic toothbrush and help save the environment in the process. It brings a terrible tongue coat, bad taste and bad smell from the mouth. Made of pure bamboo-wood, chemical-free, Healthy, Meaning environmentally friendly; there is no bio-degradable edge
SUPER SOFT NYLON+CHARCOAL BRISTLES: Our Natural Bamboo Toothbrushes use BPA Free Super Soft Nylon+Charcoal Bristles that provide just the right care to keep your gums healthy and teeth white. The bristles made from synthetic Nylon and charcoal 4 resistant to microbial growth during normal use, to ensure safety and durability. Our extra-soft bristles protect your gums from bleeding or scratching so you can brush easily and safely – Perfect For Sensitive Gums.
DURABLE & LONG-LASTING: Our all-natural bamboo toothbrushes are sustainable, renewable, and environment-friendly. Premium quality and sustainable Bamboo Wood is used to make our bamboo toothbrush which is way stronger than normal wood, plus it does not blister or start chipping. These Natural Bamboo toothbrushes are water-resistant too; you will not have to dry the handle after use as well as ensuring long-term use


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Good quality.Good service.The product is firmly packed.Very fast delivery.Very well worth the money.

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