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Cello Max Fresh Supremo Stainless Steel Lunch Box Set, 300ml, Set of 4, Blue

Cello Max Fresh Supremo Stainless Steel Lunch Box Set, 300ml, Set of 4, Blue
Colour Blue
Material Stainless Steel
Brand Cello
Age Range (Description) Adult
Special Feature Airtight
Capacity 300 Milliliters
Number of Pieces 4
Pattern Lunch Box
Included Components Lunch Box
Style Max Fresh Supremo
About this item
? Four side lockage lid and special silicon food grade seal in the lid
? Air tight and leak proof stainless steel containers
? Keeps food fresh and conserves its flavour for long hours
? Lightweight and compact in size
? Ideal for office going people
? Ideal for dry and semi dry liquid
? Compact lunch box to carry meal
? Trendy, washable and easy to clean fabric jacket
? Easy to carry, easy to open and close
? Soft fabric handy lunch carrier, high quality zip for high performance
? Color: Blue, Material: Stainless Steel
? Package Contents: 4-Pieces Container (300ml)

BE SMART! This FOOD GRADE lunch containers are DURABLE & STACKABLE and sturdy, practically unbreakable so you will get great use out of it for so many times. Make an investment in your health, buy yours today! Make a lasting improvement in your lifestyle.
Repels Odours, Tastes & Scents
When old style food containers warp, they begin retaining the smells, tastes and scents from your previous meals, making your fresh, crisp salad smell like last week?s tomato sauce, Not very appetizing,
This will not be the case with Cello Stainless Steel Lunch box means your foods taste like they should – not like last week?s leftovers.
Nothing is more inconvenient than getting to work, only to find your lunchbox leaked all over the place. Our leak-proof containers are also Vacuum sealed, which allows you to carry soup, sauces, and condiments safely and keep everything in place.
Cello Stainless Steel Lunch box is perfect for school, office, home and outdoors. This lunch box lets you pack more variety and healthier options, so your family eats better and build healthy eating habits. The compartments help to plan a well-balanced diet for everyone to have a comprehensive nutrition
Cello provides you with a product made from stainless steel, no BPA, PVC, or harmful materials were used to make the durable lunchbox. Invest in the sustainability of our planet. Made from the one of the strongest materials, this kid-friendly stainless steel lunchbox won?t rust or erode overtime.
The Cello Stainless Steel lunch box containers have a capacity of about 225ml, 375ml, 550ml and the tumbler is of 375ml and fully meets the appetite of older kids or adults. In addition, the lid of the lunch box is designed mindfully that is easy to carry around. The compact stainless steel lunch box is perfect for schools, offices, outdoor picnics, camping, gyms and everyday use.


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Good quality.Good service.The product is firmly packed.Very fast delivery.Very well worth the money.

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