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Physiotherapy Pulse Massager Equipment Battery Powered TENS 1.0 Rechargeable Dual Channel Machine for Nerve Stimulation, Full Body Pain Relief


Physiotherapy Pulse Massager Equipment Battery Powered TENS 1.0 Rechargeable Dual Channel Machine for Nerve Stimulation, Full Body Pain Relief

4.85 out of 5 based on 27 customer ratings
(27 customer reviews)


  • Shape: Square
  • Material: Plastic
  • Country of Origin: India
  • Color: White and Sea Green
  • Power Source: Battery Powered (1 lithium battery required)
  • Net Qty: 1 TENS 1.0 device || 4 Reusable Self-adhesive Electrode Pads || 2 Lead Wires || 1 USB Charging Cable || 1 Instruction Manual 
Estimated delivery on 15 - 23 June, 2023

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Product Description: Physiotherapy Pulse Massager Equipment It’s a pro-TENS 1.0 Rechargeable Physiotherapy Machine designed with a dual channel to give pulse a deep massage. It allows for well enough nerve stimulation and full-body pain relief. This ensures reliable painkilling medication with instant relief. People with body soreness and pain in the back, neck, shoulder, knee, fibromyalgia, joints, and other inflammation get prompt care. This pulse massager is also helpful in treating carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, trapezius, post-op surgery, frozen shoulder, and sciatica.


  • Give small electrical pulses to give the body relief from pain and soreness.
  • Handy painkilling medication.
  • Heals body aches in the back, neck, shoulders, knee, fibromyalgia, joints, overuse injuries, inflammation, etc.
  • Good to relieve carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, trapezius, frozen shoulder, sciatica, and sports injuries.
  • Easy to use and operate anywhere.
  • Effective for acute to chronic body pain.
  • It has 15 intensity levels and 25 programs with an LCD display and dual output channel.
  • CE and FDA Approved.

Use of TENS 1.0 Rechargeable Dual Channel Physiotherapy Pulse Massager Equipment:

27 reviews for Physiotherapy Pulse Massager Equipment Battery Powered TENS 1.0 Rechargeable Dual Channel Machine for Nerve Stimulation, Full Body Pain Relief

  1. Jose

    Let see how it will help in later stage, as of now getting it’s nice 👍

  2. Silas


  3. Nicholas

    Not charged for so many months. It’s really good.worth buying

  4. Xavier

    Product is good, I am using this from more than 1 year now, and its perfect, battery life is amazing , Go ahead .

  5. Ian

    Its amazing saves lot of money going to pysio.. I just love the different levels of programs nd each program works so well as described jn manual.

  6. Christian

    Very effective product. Just reducing one star as there should have been an extra set of pads as that is the part that gets used frequently. Easy to use and follow.

  7. Jeremiah

    Pad quality is not good. Pads lost stickiness within 10 days of usage. Because of poor pad quality I won’t recommend the product. I would advise the new shoppers to go for a product that is offering good quality durable pads.

  8. Thiago

    My mother just loved it and got relief in 2 sessions.

    I saved a lot of money (in session fees, travel, consultation) from this product compared to same thing done by a physiotherapist.
    (Note. 2 sessions of physio cost was around 80usd in my location and this was recovered long back with this product). Now my mother uses by herself whenever, whereever she wants.
    Only additional expense in continuing is the sticky tins ( which are available and cheap).

    Super convienent to use at anytime of the day. Rechargeable battery.
    It got intensity level up to 50 with 4 leads at one time.

  9. Calvin

    Electrodes had some problem in the early days of purchase and unlike usual transactions with many orgs, they were really proactive to organize the replacement. Really appreciate this level of service.

  10. Everett

    I have severe back pain and used to take pills to get rid of the pain. I used this device whenever I get pain and get rid of pain up to 80%. As it is back pain, I cannot place it in right place. But working very nice and now I get rid of pills. However, Storeela would have given extra 2 sets of pads for this price range, so giving 4 stars. Other than this device is easy to use and can carry to anywhere. Even power backup is good.

  11. Greyson

    Device is good. problem was sorted out. After sale service is amazing. Ultra care people are responsible for what they products they sell

  12. Brooks

    Good quality. Good quality.

  13. Wesley

    Seriously I was bit hesitant about buying a portable TENS machine! Due to injury, I had to visit physiotherapist every day and spend 290rand. Saw many reviews and decided to buy this one. I had very less expectations about effectiveness but God! This one is a beast. I can feel the punches with 20-22 level (and it goes upto 50). Easy to operate and simple instructions. Loved it

  14. Kai

    This tens machine working as per the expectations. It’s effect is similar to tense therapy machines used at physiotherapy centers. First usage got good impression. Follow instruction manual before using it. For the same kind of therapy I ve paid huge amounts/charges to physio centers. During covid times it’s best alternative too to relive joint pains.. pads are sticking well. It’s better to keep the pads on Hair free area (shave the area where pads to be used). Else it will be painful while removing Pads after therapy..

  15. Leonardo

    I really have stiff back issue. I have gone thru several episodes of bed rest and physio however dis device defintely has changed the game. I use it post gym in the night and the lower back pain issue is Nt there anymore. I use it at 8 setting option and try to hit until buttock region. Shifting pain could be a concern hence I do it at multiple positions. Totally worth it. Bet your mney on this you won’t regret.

  16. Colton

    Good product for domestic use

  17. Theo

    I like 👍

  18. Jordan

    I have been using the traditional tens machine for a long time. Decided to try this and I find it excellent. Since it is portable, you can continue to do what you are doing (unless you are using it for your back). There are almost 50 different modes to choose from and I use a combination of modes across the 30 mins that I use it for. The battery also lasts a very long time. Bought it months back and I charged it only once till now.

  19. Landon

    Best in its class available online

  20. Beau

    Very useful for pain relief.

  21. Jonathan

    Very well worth the money.

  22. Ayden

    Good for pain Pain relief

  23. Zachary

    It’s a really good product. I have used it for more than a month. Its effective and easy to use. Battery life is amazing. The electrode pads are also good. I used it regularly for a month and it’s still in good condition. It has 25 modes. You can select it based on your comfort. The intensity is also great. This product actually exceeded my expectations. Highly recommend.

  24. Robert

    Good quality. Very fast delivery.

  25. Bennett

    Caution: Use these products only on the advice of your doctor/physiotherapist

    This is an excellent, user-friendly Digital Tens, with “very powerful” electric pulses. Self-adhesive pads are of good quality, as of now. I find digital tens better for use at home than analog ones at hospitals. You get 25 different modes in this and can select any according to your choice, or as given in the user manual. I decided to buy this particular product on the advice of my friend, who had tried many other tenses, and finally found this powerful enough. It’s comfortable enough to use while reading or watching movies, etc

  26. Roman

    The product is firmly packed.

  27. Hunter

    Like it use for pain relief and also having 25 programs so ultimately good product for home treatment
    The self adhesive electrode wire broke within 4 months

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Good quality.Good service.The product is firmly packed.Very fast delivery.Very well worth the money.


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