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8 Piece Pet Grooming Kit for Dog and Cat


8 Piece Pet Grooming Kit for Dog and Cat


Accessories type: Grooming kit
Color: Multi-color
Net Quantity: 1 count
Target species: Dog & Cat

Estimated delivery on 17 - 25 June, 2023

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8 Piece Pet Grooming Kit-Grooming Kit for Dog and Cat with DeMatting Comb, Double-Sided Dog Comb, Deshedding Glove, Slick Hair Brush, Double Sided Pin Brush, Nail Cutter, Lice Comb, and Filer

Product description

Each stainless steel needle of the pet slicker brush has a plastic tip to eliminate discomfort and easily clean up floating hair without hurting the pet’s skin. The 60-degree bending design of the stainless steel needle has a certain degree of flexibility, which is beneficial to prevent skin diseases and increase blood circulation.

Designed with smooth and durable surface, the round teeth dog comb won’t scratch the pet’s skin and will offer comfortable grooming experience without hurting your pet, also can prevent flea or tick born diseases.

Dual sides 16 teeth comb knot brush with sharp hooked teeth for stubborn mats and tangles and finish thinning and deshedding. Achieve faster and more professional dematting and grooming results.

Non-slip rubber handles that are ergonomically designed for a soft comfortable grip for longer grooming sessions and ensuring a safe brushing experience for you and your pet


Product Features:

This easy to store pet grooming kit makes your pet look good anywhere, it’s useful both in home and profession salon use.
No more expensive bills for pet grooming, let your loved ones have their hair groomed with stress-free comfort in their own house.

Product Benefits:

Decrease the chance of health problems.
Easy to wash.
Reduce load of external parasites on skin.
Let your pets have their hair groomed with stress-free comfort.
Forge closer bond between your pet and you.
Make your pet comfortable, healthy and prolong their lifespan.
Most importantly you enjoy the time to make your loved ones look great.


Package Includes :

1 x DeMatting Dog Comb (19*6.5 cm)
1 x Double Sided Needle Comb (19.5*5.2 cm)
1 x Deshedding Grooming Gloves (23.2*17.2 cm)
1 x Slick Hair Brush (17 *9.5 cm)
1 x Double Sided Bath Pin Brush (17.5*6 cm)
1 x Nail Cutter (12.2*3.6 cm)
1 x Filer (14*1.5 cm)
1 x Lice Comb (6.4*5.7 cm)

About this item

  • PREMIUM QUALITY: The pet hair removal rake is very simple. The stainless steel with rounded corners will not cause damage to the pet’s sensitive skin. It is very suitable for massaging the skin and promoting blood circulation. The pet steel comb has a smooth surface without burrs, which effectively prevents flea born diseases and is durable and get wet will be easy to clean.
  • EXCEPTIONAL FEATURES: For undercoat removal, great for shedding season, reduces shedding and stimulates the skin to promote a healthy coat. Use on small medium large dogs and cats with any hair length specialize in shedding season for dense undercoats.
  • PERFECT CHOICE: Daily brushing using your hair grooming kit stimulates blood circulation and keeps the skin surface clean, and de-mats and de-shed hair to protect the coat for further growth. Our pet grooming tool not only works as a dematting or detangling comb, also can be used as an undercoat comb or deshedding rake.
  • ULTIMATE USAGE: Removes undercoat, dander, shedding mats, trapped dirt, and tangles hair from your pet?s fur just got easier. Massaging particles won’t scratch pet skin. Great for small and medium cats dogs and all hair types.
  • EASY TO USE: The amazing design of this kit makes it easy for pet owners to carry while travelling with their pet, and also can be easily stored at home.


Additional information

Weight 610 g
Dimensions 30 × 26 × 5 cm


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Good quality.Good service.The product is firmly packed.Very fast delivery.Very well worth the money.


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