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500Ml Neti Pot – Nose Wash System With Waterpulse Nose Cleaner With Sinus Nasal


500Ml Neti Pot – Nose Wash System With Waterpulse Nose Cleaner With Sinus Nasal


Brand: Unbranded
Color: Blue
Material: Plastic
Type: Neti Pot
Volume: 500 ml
UPC: Does not apply

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500Ml Neti Pot – Nose Wash System With Waterpulse Nose Cleaner With Sinus Nasal

? Neti Pots are used to perform saline nasal irrigation, a process best recommended for treating symptoms of sinusitis, daily nasal cleaning and health care Relieve rhinitis, hay fever, nasal allergies, cold and flu.
? Nasal Irrigation: is an effective way to relieve sinus symptoms when used along with standard sinus treatments and it bring relief of sinus symptoms and reduce the use of medications.
? Ergonomic: Design: a valve button was design for the Nasal Irrigation System. Push the button at the end of the bottle, and you can easy to control the flow.
? Feature: 60 ? angle of bottle neck, 2 Spouts , one with a large hole and stronger flow for adults, one with 4 smaller holes with weaker flow for children. Capacity: 500ml
? High-quality Materials: Made of high-quality Medical grade material, is the perfect partner for your nose. Great investment for your health.
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Children Nasal Cleaner:

It is designed based on human nasal internal physiological structure characteristic as expert suggest cleaning the nasal cavity regularly. The Nasal Wash Pot helps to remove dirt, pollen postoperative residue, dust, etc. it is a practical product for individual daily nasal care. It is easy to use and very practical way of cleaning your nasal. The bottle has a capacity of 500ml and suitable for occupational inhalation of dust, such as daily nasal cleaning and health care.
Convenient to use:

Excellent Material:
The Nose wash system has the best design and is made based on a detailed research. It is worn resistance and has good storage which allows you to use for a long time. It is convenient to use as it has safety design with protection cover nose wash system. The bottle is transparent, making it easy to see the water level.
Standard 2 Nasals

It is easy to clean, and it does not occupy a lot of space. You can carry them anywhere for all your trips as it easily fits in your bag. A press button on the bottom to control the water flow speed easily and 2 standard nasal wash nozzles with different water permeability, 1 for adults and the other for children


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Good quality.Good service.The product is firmly packed.Very fast delivery.Very well worth the money.

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