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4x Pure Natural Alum Stone Multi Uses Antiseptic Block 75G Aftershave Deodorant

4x Pure Natural Alum Stone Multi Uses Antiseptic Block 75G Aftershave Deodorant


This alum stone can be used to great effect both during and after shaving. Being an astringent and antiseptic, it is excellent for immediate remedy of nicks and cuts. After shaving it has a styptic effect, closing the pores to leave skin soft and smooth while simultaneously cleansing, toning and acting as a soothing balm. Contains Alum (a haemostatic) and Potassium (a natural antiseptic).

Alum is referred to a class of chemical compounds, and also to a specific chemical compound which is the potash alum. But, mentioned in this article are the uses of potash alum. Potash alum is obtained by a common process, where leaching of alumina from bauxite is done and then is reacted with potassium sulfate. However, potash alum is also found in naturally occurring alunite and kalinite minerals. Let us look at the different alum uses.

Potash alum can be found in various forms. The various forms of potash alum found are crystal, cubes, pencil, powder, etc. Given below are the uses of powdered and crystal alum.

In rock form, alum is used as an aftershave, due to its astringent property. It can be rubbed on freshly shaved face, and its astringent property helps in preventing and reducing bleeding caused due to minor cuts.

Deodorant and Excessive Sweating:
Potassium alum is also known as crystal deodorant, and is used widely as a deodorant, and a solution for excessive sweating problem. This naturally occurring mineral salt, helps to suppress the underarm bacteria.


1. Strong natural antiseptic

2. Post Shave Healer

3. Soothes Razor Burn instantly

4. Use Alum Blocks with ALL Types of Shaving or Waxing – Electric / Safety Razor / Disposable / Cartridge / Cut Throat Single Edge

5. Stops bleeding from minor cuts and nicks immediately

6. After a mild initial stinging – Calms and tones the skin

7. It is without any scent – Scentless

8. It is non – staining

9. Closes skin pores

10. 100% Hypoallergenic – No Allergic responses to use

11. Perfect Aftershave on its own or used with other Aftershaves

12. Can be also used as a Preshave to make the whiskers ready for a Shave

13. Perfect to use after waxing to calm and tone the skin and promote natural healing

14. A small 70G block of Alum will last 1-2 years depending on how often you Shave

15. Alum can be stored for years without a container and retain all of its excellent properties

16. Alum can be used directly / safely on your ( Male & Female ) Most sensitive body parts ( ie. Below The Bikini Line ) – With no burning.

17. After use let the Alum block dry in a moisture free spot – if left in moisture or water the block will melt away


Any type of Shaving causes micro trauma to the skin – Aftershaves are anything you do OR apply directly ‘ to your face or any body part ‘ after you Shave the area to soothe, moisturize, cool and disinfect your skin or simply because you enjoy the Aftershave scent or using them. There are many types and brands of Aftershaves because we all have different skin types and personal preferences.

Everyone can benefit from using good quality Aftershaves ‘especially’ if you have sensitive skin or after your Shaves you experience any type of mild irritation or razor burn. Below is a list of the benefits you can expect to experience when using High Quality Aftershave products and the different types of After Shaves available.


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