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4x Colgate Gentle Enamel Ultra Soft Bristles Toothbrush, 4 Pcs


4x Colgate Gentle Enamel Ultra Soft Bristles Toothbrush, 4 Pcs


Model: Bristles Toothbrush
Type: Tooth Brush
Features: Soft Bristles
Color: Multicolor
Brand: Colgate

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4x Colgate Gentle Enamel Ultra Soft Bristles Toothbrush, 4 Pcs

? The entire Colgate Gentle Toothbrush range is endorsed by the Indian Dental Association and specially designed with dentists to offer a gentle clean
? Colgate Gentle Enamel Toothbrush is a super-soft toothbrush, specially designed to protect your tooth enamel
? Colgate Gentle Enamel Toothbrush has a wide brush head and a dual-layer bristle technology which wrap around your teeth for greater coverage while brushing
? Colgate Gentle Enamel Toothbrush is made for sensitive teeth and gums. It contains specially designed ultra-soft tapered bristles, which are gentle on your enamel, teeth and gums
? This toothbrush for sensitive teeth is designed for a superior comfortable grip so that you can have an effortless brushing experience
? Colgate Gentle Enamel Toothbrush has a small and rounded head for easy access to gently clean your back teeth. It even has 17x slimmer tip bristles to effectively remove plaque
? Brush twice a day for the best results, as recommended by Dentists
? This super-soft toothbrush has a flexible neck to reduce pressure on your gums for a pleasant brushing experience
? The Colgate Gentle Enamel Toothbrush is available in 4 attractive pastel colours

Product description
Colgate Introduces Its New Range Of Ultra-Soft Toothbrushes ? Colgate Gentle. This Range Has Been Specially Designed With Dentists, To Offer The Gentlest Care For Your Teeth, And Is Endorsed By The Indian Dental Association. Tooth Enamel Is The Hardest Substance In The Human Body. It Protects Our Teeth From Decay, Wear, And Acidic Substances. Once Your Tooth Enamel Is Damaged, It Cannot Be Replaced. Therefore, Using A Toothbrush Which Is Gentle On Your Teeth Is Important To Protect Enamel. Colgate Gentle Enamel Toothbrush Is A Super-Soft Toothbrush With 150% More Soft Slim Tip Bristles Which Wrap Around Teeth, Enabling Complete Gentle Protection. Made Especially For Sensitive Teeth, Colgate Gentle Enamel Care Toothbrush Comes With Dual Bristle Technology, To Better Fit And Clean Your Tooth Surface. The Outer Layer Is Softer For Comfortable Protection, While The Inner Layer Is Firmer For Better Cleaning. The Wide Brush Head Provides Greater Coverage, Has 6X Deeper Reach And The Flexible Neck Reduces Pressure On Your Gums. Experience The Gentlest And Superior Care With Colgate Gentle Enamel Toothbrushes


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Good quality.Good service.The product is firmly packed.Very fast delivery.Very well worth the money.

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